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Hello! My name is L ♡. I don’t generally disclose my age, but I’m an adult who fails constantly at adulting. I was born and raised in Alabama, moved to California and Arizona for many years, spent a year in South Korea, and finally landed back in Alabama. I’m a certified special education and elementary school teacher. I have a passion for films (my real dream was to be a screenwriter and director). I also love music and going to live concerts and binge-watching TV seasons on Netflix. My greatest achievement in life was scoring tickets and seeing both Hamilton (07/07/2016) and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (08/04/2016-08/05/2016). (Life Update: I saw Hamilton four more times around the country since the previous publishing and the Cursed Child premiere in NYC.)

I assume if you’re here then you are a huge bookworm like me. My book obsession started as early as I can remember—I spent most of my free time as a youth at the public library or wandering around Books-A-Million.  My first bookish obsession was Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University (it was the 90s, okay). I loved Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield like they were the best friends I never had. I lived so vicariously through their adventures in these novels.

After I graduated high school, I stopped reading for a few years with the exception of a few Dean Koontz novels here and there. Then, Twilight happened. It completely renewed my fervor in reading and young adult novels and I haven’t stopped since.

When I stumbled onto the book community on Instagram, I found a new love. I quickly started up my own bookstagram account and it’s been growing since. The purpose of creating Perusing Pages was  to immerse myself into this amazing community of bookworms and share my love and passion of reading and YA books outside of the small scope of an Instagram caption. It has been such a great experience. I’ve met so many wonderful new people and discovered amazing and wonderful bookish things I never knew existed.

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