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Book Review: Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits

  • Original Title: Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell
  • Edition: Mass Market Paperback, 96 pages
  • Published: February 25, 2016 by Macmillians Kids UK
  • Characters: Elena, Gabe, Troy
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Goodreads

Description: If you broke Elena’s heart, Star Wars would spill out. So when she decides to queue outside her local cinema to see the new movie, she’s expecting a celebration with crowds of people who love Han, Luke and Leia just as much as she does. What she’s not expecting is to be last in a line of only three people; to have to pee into a collectible Star Wars soda cup behind a dumpster or to meet that unlikely someone who just might truly understand the way she feels.

Kindred Spirits was super, super short but a lot of emotion was packed in. I’m amazed at how much happened, and how these characters evolved, in such a short amount of time. Technically, no, nothing actually happened because our three main characters are just camped outside of a movie theater for four days, but the relationships that they build with each other and their dialogue is amazing. I love how Elena and Gabe’s friendship takes shape in just a few pages. Plus, it really gives insight into how we perceive others without really knowing them sometimes. I’m more than guilty of assuming how other people feel about me and what that, in turn, means about them. It’s a vicious reality.

Once again, Rainbow Rowell wrote protagonists who are 100% relatable. Aside from writing entertaining novels, I think she just has a way of creating characters that make you say #same everytime so it gives her stories that little something extra.

I can’t forget to mention the hilarious ending… a twist I certainly wasn’t expecting, but I can totally relate to. You must read it for yourself!

  • “Everybody likes everything these days. The whole world is a nerd.”
  • …it really wasn’t a problem. Avoid men? Done! This had literally never been an issue for her. When other girls complained about how to deal with unwanted male attention, Elena wouldn’t feel jealous exactly, but she would feel curious–how does one go about attracting such attention? And is it impossible to attract just some of it? Just a small, manageable amount? Or was attention from boys all or nothing, like a tap that, once you’d found it, you could never turn off?
  • “People who are jerks don’t get to decide whether they’re jerks. It’s left up to a jury of their peers.”

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