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Thank you to Melanie over at It’s A Bookish Thing for tagging me in the Hamilton Book Tag way back in March. (I know, right? I’m such a terrible blogger.) Anyway, like most of America, I’m straight #Hamiltrash. Go ahead and throw me in the gutter. I’ll never apologize for my obsession. If you have somehow avoided this amazing musical, I urge you to stop depriving yourself of greatness. After that amazing sweep at the Hamil…Tony Awards and in celebration of finally purchasing my very own ticket to see the play, I’m more than motivated to do this post. Without further ado, here are my book picks for the Hamilton book tag. I’ll leave you to it!

THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS: Book world you would put yourself in…

The Raven BoysIf I could exist in any book world, I’d find myself at 300 Fox Way. I love the world that Maggie Stiefvater created in The Raven Cycle. I love all the characters. The things about The Raven Cycle world is that it’s not an apocalyptic or dystopian. It’s very grounded in reality, but with just the right touch of magic.

THE SCHUYLER SISTERS: Underrated female character…


Cassandra Clare is without a doubt one of the most famous authors in the young adult fantasy realm right now, but most of the attention and adoration is given to The Mortal Instruments and Clary, however, I feel that Tessa [Gray] from the Infernal Devices is the absolute most badass and strong female in the whole Shadowhunter world. I’ll admit that when I first started reading the series, Tessa was a bit irritating because she was really proper and lady-like in Victorian times and she’s just, “Oh my God. A girl in pants! THE HORROR!” I was like, “Stop.” But she quickly turned into a super warrior and unlike Clary, she does what she needs to do for the good of the world and Shadowhunters. She doesn’t risk the lives of millions just to save one person she loves.
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bookmark_borderDisney Book Tag • Rainbow Rowell Edition



In addition to being a nerd, I’m a Disney fangirl! When I saw the Disney Book Tag post that Alexa over at Alexa Loves Books did, I knew that me and this tag were a match made in heaven. Like Alexa, I’m also going to challenge myself using only books and characters by one author, and who else would I choose but the wonderful and amazing, Rainbow Rowell.

The Little Mermaid THE LITTLE MERMAID • A character who is out of their element.

In Carry On, Simon Snow is the main protagonist–The Chosen One. However, much like the fictional wizard he was based on, Simon grew up surrounded with humans and clueless about his past and destiny. He has absolutely no control of his magic and even less understanding of the world he gets thrust into when The Mage finds him in an orphanage and brings him to Watford School of Magicks.

CinderellaCINDERELLA • A character who goes through a major transformation.

Cather “Cath” Avery from Fangirl is one of my favorite characters because I think she’s a mirror of myself at that age. When we meet Cath, she’s very shy and introverted. She’s just went off to college, and she spends the majority of her days hiding in her dorm room; she is weary of even going to the cafeteria so she eats snack bars and other junk in her room. She obsesses over her chosen fandom (in this case, it’s our beloved Simon & Baz). She’s just a mess, really. As the year progresses, she becomes friends with her outspoken and no-f**ks-giving roommate and she falls for her roommate’s cute friend, Levi. The two of them help Cath come out of her shell (a little bit) and confront some of her demons.

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