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Discussion: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Note: I wanted to write a discussion post, but I can’t quite pull my thoughts together into one coherent post. So, I’m just going to embed all my posts from Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter to form a makeshift discussion. I think collectively, they tell the whole story of how I feel about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. My assessment is based on the actual play; I haven’t finished reading the script yet. For the record, I loved the story! Furthermore, I’ve attempted to keep my posts relatively spoiler free, but as with all things, read at your own discretion. Also, I LOVE Scorpius Malfoy!




This is my last Harry Potter and the Cursed Child picture, I swear! But ugh…it was so amazing. I’ll reiterate what I posted on my Tumblr in response to the negative feedback re: the book–there’s no way this script can do the actual show justice. The set, the lighting, the music and the sound effects, and the special effects are so important! And the actors are phenomenal!
I’m happy with the story that was told. It’s not really a prequel or a sequel. It’s just something extra, and I’m okay with that. It plays with the possibilities of what could have been without actually changing what was.
But that’s just my two cents… I hope everyone gets to SEE it someday, whether we get a live recording of the play, international tour, or feature film in the future. It’s meant to be seen and worth it.

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  • Elle

    I hope that you will get to see it one day! I’m sure it will go on tour and/or get recorded some day. I think it’s too popular and there’s too much demand for it to only live in this one space forever.

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! It was a weird storyline to go with, but like I said, it seemed like they didn’t want to create a sequel but just have an extra story and that’s what it was. We get a little insight into what our original cast is doing now, but they weren’t the primary focus. Even the actions that our new characters do aren’t cemented because it was all pretty hypothetical, if that makes sense. (tbh I’m still confused about Delphi’s origins. From my understanding, a Death Eater used a Time Turner to go back AFTER the Battle of Hogwarts and see to it that she was created, not that she was supposed to already exist. I don’t know. Minor plot hole, but who cares? Not me. lol)

    Yes, you should see some of the posts on Tumblr. People are legitimately upset that it’s in script format. It makes me mad every time someone says it like, “It’s right there. Rehearsal script!”

  • Crystal Yasmine

    Lovely post! I can’t decide on how to start my blog post about my Cursed Child experience right now either. I’ve seen the show nearly a month ago already and I’m still so overwhelmed with everything. It’s just so great to finally have something new to fangirl over in the HP world that it actually really messes with my head. I can’t grasp how good the theater was! Like WOW! I keep wishing that I’d have a time turner (wink wink) to turn back time and experience the theater for the first time over because WOW!!

  • Crystal Yasmine

    Wow, I just saw now that your ticket of Part I was on the same date as mine 🙂 So we were there at the same time and experienced everything on the same day! 😉 Did you see Part II on Friday the 5th, too?

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