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    2016 Love-A-Thon // Mix & Match

    The Love-a-Thon is an event dedicated to spreading positivity and love. It’s time dedicated to visiting other bloggers/Instagrammers/BookTubers, leaving a comment or two, making new friends and fostering positivity among the members of our amazing community. As in the previous years, the event will include mini challenges, Twitter chats and giveaways galore!

    Hosted by: Alexa of Alexa Loves Books, Cee of The Novel Hermit, Hazel of Stay Bookish, Mel of The Daily Prophecy

    The purpose of this challenge is to mix a non-bookish hobby or interest with book characters. If anyone took the time to read my About Me or Introduction, it’s no secret that I love film and television! I actually have two film degrees that are getting absolutely no use at all, but it doesn’t stop my imagination from running away with me now and then. My Mix & Match is a collection of characters that I think could easily crossover into some of my favorite movies and television shows.

    Tessa Gray of The Infernal Devices Meets The Doctor

    The Infernal Devices series really could be an extension of Doctor Who. It’s set in London,  Victorian London, my personal favorite era as well as the Doctor’s I’d suspect. Everyone knows the Doctor would be fascinated with the clockwork army and defeating the Magister. Tessa would be an amazing companion. They could pick Will & Jem up every now and then…or Brother Zachariah if they travel to present day. Will could meet Jace! OMG!

    Clockwork Princess doctorwho


    The Raven Boys Join The Riot Club

    The parallels between Gansey, Ronan, Adam, and Noah are the boys of The Riot Club are so closely linked, minus the supernatural elements of The Raven Boys. The members of The Riot Club are beautiful, rich, well-educated, and always in search of the drama, but they all have diverse backgrounds, some more questionable than others. The Raven Boys would fit right in.

    The Raven Boys The Riot Club


    Juliette Goes To Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

    One of the main aspects of Shatter Me that drew me to the series was the promise of some mutant action. Although I didn’t get much, I was very impressed with Juliette’s powers, as well as the rest of the characters. They would be an awesome and powerful addition to the X-Men universe.

    Ignite Me X-Men First Class